Volunteers united in diversity

Žiadosti boli uzavreté

Youth for Equality

Zaoberáme sa poradenstvom pre mladých, poskytovaním informácií v rámci vzdelávania, trhu práce, podnikania, stáží, dobrovoľníctva
Pracovná náplň:

6 months in Athens

- support the policy making' activities by greek NGO I.R.T.E.A. (opinion polls, papers submissions, social media campaigns, etc.)

- support the organizational tasks of I.R.T.E.A. for its EU funded projects, communication with local society, implementation of EU simulation games with youth, in the organization's local and international activities, etc.

- participate in EUBLOG portal by writing articles in English.

- develop his/her own project ideas which will be relevant with the organization's goals and activities after agreement with Hosting organization


The project is funded by European Solidarity Corps - accommodation, food, pocket money, health insurance will be covered, travel costs reimbursed, language support.

Osobné predpoklady uchádzača:

-  young people 18-30 years old, willing to get to know people and different cultures, english level B1

- CV (Europass format) and Motivation letter are obligatory for applying for the project