Brigáda (leto 2020) – Animátor voľného času

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Pracovná náplň:

CARPE DIEM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY Ltd is a company with years of experience in the tourism industry, specialised for tourist entertainment, a segment in which we have achieved not only a leading position in Croatia, but made substantial recognition in many tourist destinations abroad (in Europe, as well as South East Asia - Thailand and Maldives).
Job title for vacancy: Entertainer in tourism.
Place of work: Croatia (Adriatic coast), Slovenia, Thailand. Our positions start on the 15th of April, but WE TAKE NEW EMPLOYEES ALL THE TIME because the number of animators gets bigger as the season approches. So you can start any time actually.  The season ends between 1st of September till 1st of November but then we have winter destinations and there is a possibility of work during winter as well.

- contract: temporary,

Viac informácií o ponuke Animátor voľného času spoločnosti Love Carpe Diem nájdete na stránkach siete EURES Slovensko. V prípade záujmu nezabudnite na udelenie súhlasu so spracovaním osobných údajov (podľa pokynov v ponuke na


- contract: temporary,
- in accordance with CARPE DIEM standards, during the term of contract, the employee is provided with accommodation in a double/triple room or dormitory, and three meals a day in a buffet restaurant within the resort,
- salary 600 € (the net amount), a possibility of monthly bonus (70-100 euros a month) on the end of the contract if job is done well.

Osobné predpoklady uchádzača:

- native speaker of Slovak language  OR Dutch language OR Polish OR Czech language
- language fluency in English (B2 level)
- experience in guest relation,
- good communication skills.

Desirable requirements:
- experience in any kind of entertainment (dance, or acting, or hosting and presenting the evening programme)
- experience in fitness (aerobics, yoga, general workout)
- experience in hosting sport tournaments
- experience in working with children.