International PhD in Food Engineering and Biotechnology

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The University of Bolzano, the Laimburg Research Centre and the Research and Innovation Center of FEM are jointly offering the PhD position "Comparative genomics of Phytoplasma strains for the determination of virulence factors".
The three-year program mainly focuses on research concerning primary food production, set up, and management, as well as the validation of food processes, and the application of omics techniques to condition and characterize food processing and food products, with a particular emphasis on fermented foods. If you have excelled in higher education, this PhD will enable you
to continue your career in academia in a stimulating, multilingual environment with fellow researchers from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. During the course, you will gain the competences required to carry out innovative and methodologically rigorous and advanced research projects. For this purpose, you will be required to design an original research project under the supervision of an Italian and/or foreign lecturer, to spend at least six months at a renowned foreign research center and, concurrently, to develop the ability to work both independently and in a team.
The PhD covers the research areas of Food Processing as one of the focuses of the faculty. Engineering and Biotechnology are the high throughput approaches to food processing science. You will be required to design a research project and write a prospectus with your supervisor, including the purpose of your project and the steps necessary to implement it. Occasionally, you will be required to update the steps in consideration of the progression of your work and the latest developments in your research field. Your stay for at least three months at a foreign research center is mandatory and you will be required to publish or submit for publication at least three articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

In order to gain admission to the PhD programme, you will need to have obtained 300 ECTS credit points (Master degree) and have some relevant academic experience in the field of the programme. You will also have to demonstrate competence in the English language with a recognized language certificate and be succesful in a public competition.
Detailed information about the application procedure may be checked at the following link: